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Since the XIIth Century, the fireplace had an essential place in the house, and its evolution until the XIX Century stone cutters, and sculptors succeeded in perfecting their designs, while respecting their proportions, in order to obtain an art work, without neglecting the physical problem of circulation.

Growing up in this environment, I acquired an eye for the culture of the fireplace. I think I am able to rapidly recognize a beautiful fireplace as well as an ugly one.

Therefore, when it is a question to remodeling one, it is essential to lean on the manufacturers of the past, while respecting the proportions of this one, in order to adapt it to the room that is going to receive it.

Thus, if you are not happy with our antique fireplace collection, or in our selection of new ones, we can reproduce for you fireplaces of all styles, in limestone or marble, of all dimensions with respect to the matters of proportions and design.